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Safety Measures During Your Visit

In accordance with public health authority directives and to protect everyone’s safety, when attending your scheduled appointment at Prism you will be required to adhere to the following rules:

Patients and guests are not allowed in the clinic without a properly worn mask that completely covers the nose and mouth.

Masks can be purchased at the pharmacy at our Oakville location. If you do not have access top a mask, you can use other articles of clothing (like a scarf) that is securely attached to your face so it completely covers the nose and mouth.

Valved masks are not permitted as they only protect the wearer and do not prevent the spread of airborne particulates. Click HERE for an example of a valved mask. 

In order to limit the number of people in our clinics, we ask that you bring a guest only if absolutely necessary (for example if you require assistance with mobility or someone to act as a translator).

Please leave any coats, umbrellas, large bags, or backpacks etc. at home or in your car.
You may bring a purse or a bag that is no larger than a purse.

– Please DO bring any pamphlets or medical paperwork relating to your visit. –

Patients and their guests will not be permitted to wear gloves in the clinic.

Please maintain a distance of 6ft from other patients at all times.

All Patients will use hand sanitizer before and after their visit. Hand sanitizer will be provided throughout the clinic.

Please use the washroom prior to coming for your appointment to help avoid using the washrooms in our clinics.

COVID-19 Policy and Updates

Prism Eye Institute has taken the greatest measures and we have incorporated the highest standards to ensure you, your loved ones and our team members are safe while in our clinics. We have invested heavily in our teams, our technologies and our equipment to ensure we have implemented all available resources for reducing the risk of transmission of the COVID-19 virus.

What are we doing?

All patients and staff are screened prior to entry to our clinics. This means everyone’s temperature is taken and questions to help identify any risks will be asked. All visitors and their supports personnel must wear properly fitting face masks prior to entering any of our clinics and the buildings they are in.

All of our staff wear face masks, and some will have added protection of face shields, gowns and gloves depending on the level of contact they have with our patients. Our waiting rooms have been modified to observe social distancing and our clinic flow has been adjusted to ensure social distancing is adhered to through the whole patient journey from check-in to check-out and everything in between. All of our equipment, chairs and exam lanes are cleaned with disinfectants between each patient; and each night our clinics go through a more stringent level of sanitation practices to mitigate any surface contamination.

Investments in technology have allowed us to reduce staff onsite while having them work from home. We’ve made advancements in our services so that many appointments can be done through virtual care, further reducing the number of patients needing to come into clinic.

Lastly, we have systems in place to ensure we are up to date on the latest health developments in all the regions we operate in. Based on these developments we respond quickly to make any necessary adjustments to maintain the highest level of safety for you, for us and our communities.