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Research Institute

Prism Eye Institute™ believes that research is an essential part of improving eye care for our patients. It is through research and innovation that we are able to offer our patients the best treatment and care options.

Our History in Research

We have a long history of participating in large-scale clinical trials as well as producing high quality independent research publications. Our team of world-class ophthalmologists has a keen interest in advancing clinical science in order to be able to offer their patients the best care possible.

Research Team

Our research team is comprised of our Head of Clinical Research & Innovation, our Research Scientist, and three Research Fellows. With over 50 combined years of research experience, our team supports our doctors in all their research endeavors and ensures that all research carried out at Prism Eye Institute™ is of the highest standards.

Current Initiatives

We are currently involved in multiple large-scale, multi-centre clinical trials. Along with these large industry sponsored studies, we are also carrying out a number of our own independently driven studies that will help us improve the care that we provide to our patients.

For more information on our on-going research, please contacts us at

A Brief History of MIGS by Dr. Ike Ahmed

2014 Binkhorst Medal recipient, Ike Ahmed, is a world-renowned ophthalmologist in the elds of glaucoma, complex cataract surgery and IOL complications. He coined the term “MIGS” – micro-invasive glaucoma surgery – and with his peers, has opened a new ank in the battle to reduce intraocular pressure, ushering in a new generation of surgical approaches and devices.

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Results: Ahmed Glaucoma Valve vs. Baerveldt Glaucoma Implant

Recently, a contingent of our doctors and research personnel attended the American Academy of Ophthalmology meeting, both to present our work and learn about advances in eye care. Here’s an example of research done within our clinics looking at the outcomes of two common glaucoma surgeries performed by our doctors.

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