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Refer a Patient

Send a DIGITAL REFERRAL through our secure portal. No account required.

Please note that Digital Referrals with an account are the preferred method as they provide instant two-way communication with the referring office and direct communications with your patient.

This system also allows us to process Digital Referrals more quickly. 



Send Digital Referral WITH Account  or Access your Referral Portal                        Send Digital Referral WITHOUT Account  or  Get a Free account

PLEASE NOTE: Due to COVID-19 we ask that, if possible, you include a current photo of your patient’s eyes with every referral.


You can send a digital referral with or without an account. However, a free account is required to access many features designed for your convenience. Our online portal is completely secure and PHIPA compliant.

You don’t need to know a Prism Associate to send a referral. If no doctor is indicated, we will book your patient with the most appropriate and first available doctor.

You can also send referrals by FAX
Print and fill out a Consultation Request Form to fax a referral. A fax will be sent back to you with an appointment date for your patient.

Why Sign Up for a  Free Digital Referral Account?
Our secure system is web-based, so it does not require any software or downloads.

With an account, Prism will contact your referred patient on your behalf to book their appointments. Through a personalized online portal, you are updated in real time on the status of their appointment.

This same portal keeps you updated on the status of all your referrals, gives you instant access to digital consult reports, and allows you to have 2-way digital communication with Prism.  Sign up here.

About Referrals
Since 1967, our team has worked with medical professionals in the community and around the world. We look forward to the opportunity to collaborate with you to care for your patients.

The referral booking team is available Monday – Friday for scheduling appointments and consultations. If you have questions regarding your patients pleased feel free to contact us using our dedicated physician line at 905-456-7201.

About  Online Referrals
Prism is proud to be Canada’s first ophthalmology clinic to accept online referrals utilizing our secure system. This tool has been designed to make referring to Prism more convenient for you. It digitally notifies your patients with appointment details and allows them to accept or change their appointment with a few simple clicks.   Digital  referrals  cut down on phone calls, missed appointments and no shows.   Digital referrals  require far less time to  process and  will get dealt with  quickly.

Through a personalized online portal, you can monitor the status of your patient’s appointments and access digital copies of their consult reports. As a web-based system, it does not require any software or downloads and is completely PHIPA compliant. Get your free account here.